boktips! National Geographic, Pacific Crest Trail, f.1975

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En drömresa, en långvandring: The Pacific Crest Trail. Jag hittade den här boken på myrorna i sumpan för 20:- Jag har undersökt en del om PCT, CDT, AT dvs. Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail och the Appalachian Trail – alla USAs långvandringsleder, så jag blev riktigt glad över den här boken.

Här kommer lite utdrag ur boken:

”In the early 1930´s Clinton C. Clark of Pasadena, California, offered to the world his vision of a continuous trail ”along the summit divides of the mountain ranges… traversing the best scenic areas and maintaining an absolute wilderness character.” The virtue of such a trail, said Clarke, would lie in helping to preserve wild areas and in encouragin people of ”our too-artificial civilazation” to return to a simpler life and an appreciation on nature and the outdoors”

Jag fastnar vid uttrycket ”our too-artificial civilazation”. Det resonerar extra mycket hos mig.

”One of the longest and most majestic hiking paths in the world, the Pacific Crest crosses seven national parks, six state parks, 25 national forests, and withing the forests – 14 wilderness areas. It penetrates the wild beauty of the granite oeaks of the Sierra and the regal cones of the Cascades. It passes over land once hallowed by the Indians and later crisscrossed by explorers and settlers. It winds through cathedral-like groves of virgin forest, and through country that once sheltered immense numbers of deer, elk, bears, and mountain lions.”

Jag älskar hur dom brer på och det nästan vattnas i munnen av dessa beskrivningar. Fantasieggande. Här fortsätter det:

”Vast tracts of wilderness still enclose parts of the Pacific Crest Trail, and by hiking only a few miles the backpacker can trade the world of freeways and skyscrapers for a realm of solitude and natural splendor. There the needs are the primal ones – food, water, rest – and the rewards are intensely personal: the pride of surmountinga difficult pass, the simple luxury of falling asleep in a silent arena of rocks, trees and stars”

Jag älskar sånna här böcker! Tyvärr fanns det inget isbn, men den går nog att hitta någonstans på nätet genom en vanlig google sökning. Jag ska fortsätta att skriva om lite trevliga böcker jag har hittat nyligen. Här kommer lite bilder från den här: